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Last Friday I served as a substitute teacher at Evergreen Junior High School in Houma, Louisiana

Thank you Principal Burette, Ms. Vaughan, and students for letting me spend the day at your school. Have a great summer!



Memorial Day

Please join me in paying respects to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of freedom. 

Tobacco settlement sale proposal hits resistance

I’ve talked to a number of legislators. I think most of them would rather drink weed killer than do this.

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Treasurer Kennedy Talks State Budget

This confirms my worst fears. Not only do we have too many contracts, but we're hiding from the public the number of consultants we're hiring. It's time to completely reform the way contracts are handled in state government.

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Is a tax exemption for buying antique airplanes more important than our universities?

There are 462 exemptions, exclusions, rebates and tax credits intended to stimulate industry and create jobs. Every one of these needs to be reviewed to make sure they are working.

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Baton Rouge Advocate: Clean up the budget

State Treasurer John N. Kennedy has long been in favor of pruning the stat-deds, citing some that protect grants for specific filmmakers, funds to fight pet overpopulation and money for the board of massage therapists. 

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ICYMI: My interview on Talk 107.3 regarding wasteful spending at the DMV

Millions of dollars of tax money spent on a system to improve your experience at the Office of Motor Vehicles, but to this day that system does not exist. The system was supposed to tell workers if there were flags or suspensions on licenses, and even whether or not the customer was about to write a hot check. State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson soon realized nothing was going to result from the ambitious system once planned. He began looking to exercise the state's "termination" clause in the contract.

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5 Louisiana higher education institutions earn negative attention from credit rating agency

The national credit rating agency Standard & Poor's has placed five Louisiana higher education institutions on a negative credit watch list due to the state's $1.6 billion budget shortfall. 

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The Advocate: State officials need to take their time examining all angles on tobacco deal

“It is a method of borrowing from the future to pay for today’s expenses,” the nonpartisan Public Affairs Research Council concluded, saying the sale process is being rushed by the administration.

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Give The Universities Those Rich Consulting Contracts

LSU system leaders are planning more layoffs. Their state funding has shriveled up. They’ve had to raise tuition, making college an unattainable dream for many would-be students. And Wall Street doesn’t want to loan money to them because of the abysmal way higher education is funded in Louisiana. 

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